Strategic services

Afristrat provides expert financial services that are cost-effective, insightful and capture the best blend of service and technology that’s right for your business.

Improving financial capability is a huge challenge but one that collectively it is possible to rise to. There is a need to counter deeply embedded social norms, which mean that many people are spending today, rather than saving for tomorrow, and to prove which initiatives can make a difference in improving financial capability.

There will always be external factors that impact on how businesses manage their money or indeed how much money they have, such as wider economic circumstances or changes to Government policy, over which Afristrat has no direct control. What we can and will do is build levels of financial capability to enable more businesses to navigate changes in their financial circumstances when they occur and help them to manage the money they do have.

Our all-encompassing accounting services include:

  • Strategic Planning and Formalisation
  • Strategy Roll-out and Implementation
  • Annual Strategic Reporting and Review
  • New Product or Service Development
  • New Market Development
  • Acquisitions and Mergers
  • Business Startups in SA and Africa
  • Operational Strategies
  • Product Strategies
  • Logistics